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Hot Rocks Rolling Stones Tribute Band

*If you like the Rolling Stones, you’ll love the sound, look, costumes, and energy Chicago’s very own Hot Rocks will bring to you.  This famous Rolling Stones Tribute ‘show’ will have you shouting the words to “Jumping Jack Flash,” clapping along to “Brown Sugar,” and you'll get what you want and need!

It’s always a rockin’ party with Hot Rocks!

Hot Rocks Promo Video   - Rocking in Chicago

"This is as good as it gets with any Stones Tribute Band - these guys are the very best."   James Phelge

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The Keith Shrine by Blue Lena. Everything and more about Keith - the place to visit if you are a Keith person.

Cindy P's Rolling Stones History Tour I think this site just about covers everything. Some great fotos and you can find out who is buried where.

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Beatles WWW Page This is Victors site for the Beatles. If you want to know what they had for breakfast on a certain day this man will tell you!

Beatles WWW Page An interview/conversation between me and Victor 

Jim's New Rolling Stones Gallery Jim Crowley's site is full of some great professional photo shots of the Stones. Lot of pictures of Keith and Mick to see.

Ethan Russell The man who takes all the ace photos. Lots of Stones pics on site. Rare shots of Brian!

Blue Lena's Rolling Stones Page Another cool site dedicated to the band.

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Rocks Off If you are into underpants this is the only way to enter this site.

Brian Jones: Like A Rollin' Stone also the Brian Jones Fan Club Don't think I need add anything other than 'join it'.

The Confessions Of A Sixties Drummer This is the site for Carlo Little the Stones first choice drummer.

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