James Phelge - a complete unknown like a Rolling Stone









James Phelge Bio

James Phelge lived with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones for over a year, from when they were just getting their start until their first taste of success at the top of the British charts. He slept in the same room with them and hung out with them constantly until 'Satisfaction' in '65; the Stones even gave him writing credit on many of their early songs, though he had nothing to do with the music. Richards describes Phelge as the most disgusting man he ever knew; but he's also a clear-sighted raconteur, and his detailed account of the Stones' salad days is fresh, revealing, and uproarious.

James seemed to collect people who would later go on to become famous - these include musicians and pop-stars, sports people, school friends and even a man hung for murder. The legendary Kim Fowley of 'Nutrocker' fame, once said of James: 'Anyone who touches Phelge becomes famous.'

The Stones success and commitments inevitably led to the parting of the ways. James spent the next 30 odd years in the guitar business, and continued to rub shoulders with stars of yesterday and today. In the late 90's he eventually decided to write a book chronicling the stories of all the famous people he had crossed paths with. The Rolling Stones section was to be part of that book. When the book was finished, he realised that the Stones material was really a complete book of it's own - and that book was published as 'Phelge's Stones' and has received mostly 5 star reviews. James continues to be mentioned in many Stones books including 'Life' by Keith Richards.